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  • Sensi Studio Ecuador: handmade hats in the authentic “Panama hat” tradition from one of the last 8 remaining places in Ecuador where this tradition continues…. It is the hat that Teddy Roosevelt made famous.
  • Rosa Mosa – shoes and accessories for men and women all hand made in Austria in the most beautiful and special materials.
  • MUUÑ – designed in Paris and handmade in Ghana, Africa, MUUÑ is a collection of bags ranging from incredible handwoven pieces of every size and shape to Deerskin bags as well as a Home Collection.
  • Osanna Visconti – Sterling silver jewelry handmade in Milan, designed by Osanna Visconti di Modrone. Organic shapes and clean lines with a modern edge, beautifully made.
  • Judyth VanAmringe – the artist and interior designer has done a collection of handmade, on-of-a-kind jewels in varied medium…. handblown glass, handmade sterling silver on leather, antique and rare beads shaped into necklaces and cuffs…amazing and truly special.

T-shirt Printing Melbourne

T-shirt Printing Melbourne

T-shirts are indispensable from the description of casual wear. They present a platform for exhibiting creativity, style, and uniqueness. The growing trend and need for customized t-shirts has triggered the emergence of businesses in this line of operation. However, when looking for affordable services in t-shirt printing Melbourne has to offer, certain factors need to be taken into consideration.

What to Consider before Placing an Order on Customized T-shirts

The Purpose

Various entities in t-shirt printing Melbourne from Red Print has today, offer a wide array of graphic designs and options. Therefore, it is imperative for individuals or institutions looking for personalized or customized attires to ensure that they have a clear purpose before placing an order.

Number of People to Wear the T-shirts

Ensure that you are aware of the number of people you require to wear the customized attire. Whether it is a marketing or sports teams, keeping note of the number of people is important. In addition, ensure that you exceed the number of attires with several t-shirts to cater for additional individuals.

Individuals to Wear the Attire

The target group for the clothing you intend to personalize it is a key quality that ought not to be overlooked. Adult attire possess distinct designs and size from children clothing. This case may warrant the consultation of a specialist in custom printing Melbourne has nowadays in a bid to get satisfactory results.

Benefits of Printing T-shirts

Brand Awareness

Businesses that seek the help of experts in t-shirt printing Melbourne has when it comes to promotion effort create a strong brand. Customized t-shirts are widely utilized as useful marketing tools.


Most individuals wear t-shirts that have similar logos or graphics. Individuals who need to stand out from the rest ought to consider looking for solutions in t-shirt printing Melbourne has nowadays.


Firms that offer services in customized attire printing Melbourne has of late give businesses an opportunity to be recognized. They utilize the primary colors of an enterprise together with its logo to create a recognizable design, which can be spotted from afar.

Independent Bookkeeper Melbourne

Independent Bookkeeper Melbourne

When it comes getting a bookkeeper Melbourne to manage your business finances, one of the options you can consider is an independent bookkeeper. With an independent bookkeeper Melbourne, you will have a professional who you outsource to do all of the bookkeeping tasks for you. With this option you will have a number of benefits to take advantage of when looking for a good bookkeeper Melbourne. These benefits include saving time, saving money as well as getting advice on how to be more profitable.

The first benefit of an independent bookkeeper Melbourne is the ability to save time. As a business owner or executive you need to focus on generating sales, managing employees, and establishing the best products and services available. This takes up a lot of your time and having to do bookkeeping on top of that makes this more difficult. With an independent bookkeeper, businesses will have the ability to focus on making the business the most profitable and serving customers. The independent bookkeeper will focus on managing and tracking the company finances.

Another benefit of an independent bookkeeper Melbourne is saving money. When you hire a bookkeeper as an employee you are going to need to pay them a salary as well as taxes. This can be quite costly and may affect your budget in a negative way. With an independent Digitpro bookkeeper, you will have someone what will charge you a flat fee that will be considerably less than a salary along with allowing you to avoid paying extra taxes.

An independent bookkeeper can also give you advice and guidance on how to make your business more profitable. This can entail telling you what you need to make to reach you profit goals, tell you what should be cut in terms of spending and also advising you on how to manage your overall cashflow.

DJ Hire Melbourne

DJ Hire Melbourne

Are you looking for the best DJ Company in Melbourne? You have come to the right place. DJ Hire Melbourne is a professional DJ Company that has quality Karaoke Entertainers, Disc Jockeys, Video DJs and DJ equipment for hire at affordable prices. We serve clients with any event including birthday parties, weddings, engagement parties, night presentations, school functions, university graduations, or any other special event.


Our DJ Hire Melbourne services aim to offer state of the art sound and lighting effects for all occasions and ages. All our equipments are ultra modern. We don’t take chances more so when it comes to providing to quality DJ equipments. Our customers have options of choosing a complete DJ package, timed entertainment package or customized DJ services.


Compared to other DJ companies, DJ Hire Melbourne has a massive music library. We have songs that cover all music genres. Many of our clients like our digital music because of their quality and features. Our music library contains virtually all songs available on the radio. Our dedicated DJ entertainer will mix up classic and latest music, interact with your guests and keep them entertained all night. They will take care of your guests request seriously at no extra cost.


Unlike other DJ companies in Melbourne, DJ Hire Melbourne covers the entire Melbourne metropolitan area. Our locally based DJs offer services in the surrounding areas such as Carlton, Epping, Bundoora, Box Hill, Essendon, Mitcham, Eltham, Keilor, Werribee, Greenvale and Brighton.


Whatever the type of your event, DJ Hire Melbourne assures you 100% ultimate DJ services that comes with extensive online music database that comprise of dance music, disco music, rock n roll, pop , hip hop, Rnb, Rap, commercial house music, alternative rock, remixes, heavy metal, trance, techno, jazz, ballads, Latino music, electro house and love songs.


Get all DJ Hire Melbourne services within your budget today.